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Work socks for indoors and outdoors

Regardless of whether you work indoors or outdoors, you should always wear sensible socks. Because nothing is worse than standing on a construction site in freezing temperatures. When the cold ground radiates upwards and your feet feel like icicles after a short time, you will learn the value of good work socks.

If you work in the hall, then you are lucky in this regard. However, work shoes can be uncomfortable to wear. Then socks that are too thin can be a mistake that you will experience. Blisters and abrasions are not recommended.

Our work socks are available in knee-length or half-length socks as well as short-shaft socks. So there is something for every season. The socks are mainly made of cotton, which has the advantage that you get work socks that are breathable.

Because cotton has a positive effect on the foot climate and regulates moisture.

You also get socks that are specifically designed for use in hospitals. They are also made of cotton. Here you have the choice between normal or organic cotton. That's entirely up to you.

Arbeitssocken, Schwesternsocken oder Arztsocken hier wirst du fündig. Das bild Zeigt eine Lang ausgebildete Arbeitssocke am Fuß und im Bündel.

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