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Traditional socks and stockings for the folk festival!

It's time again for an unforgettable evening and the perfect time to adjust your outfit. With our traditional stockings you will be safe from prying eyes. So if you would like to order your traditional stockings online then go directly to foot-art.

Here you get top quality at a low price. The price-performance ratio will blow you away. We have a huge selection of traditional socks and stockings for you. The materials here range from the unbeaten classic cotton to unusual materials such as sheep's wool or alpaca wool.

If you want to experience an unforgettable evening, then get our cotton socks in an inimitable traditional design. We ship your socks lightning fast and ensure that they arrive on time for your big day.

Why traditional cotton socks?

Very easy! Cotton has the property that it transports moisture very well. So you can dance through the festival with dry feet and through an unforgettable night. Don't panic, the stockings are very robust and can withstand a lot. They should too! Because you won't have time to worry about your trousers.

With our large selection you should find the perfect pair of socks for you.

Perfect fit is no coincidence

Our traditional socks have a good amount of elastane, which ensures that your socks don't slip even when you're exerting yourself and especially when you're dancing and moving faster. Because nothing is more unpleasant than constantly having to make sure your traditional stockings don't slip.

You can get the traditional socks either in the short version or knee-length.

So you should also have the pair of traditional stockings you want. The wide range of colors from classic white to unusual black will delight you and make your heart beat faster. Our size chart includes a wide selection so that you can find the right size for you.

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Order traditional stockings online
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