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organic socks for women

Our organic socks for women have the GOTS seal. So you can be sure that you are getting socks that are made from at least 70% sustainable and organically produced products. From organic cotton to bamboo socks, which are made from the fast-growing and super sustainable bamboo, you can get everything .
We strive to keep our range of organic socks for women up to date and to expand it as far as we can. If you don't find what you're looking for, don't forget to take a look again. There could soon be something right for you.

Why organic socks for women

The cry for sustainability and ecological production is getting louder and fair trade has become more than just a word. Organic socks for women represent an important approach here.
We at foot-art would like to make our contribution as far as we can and support you in following your thoughts in order to be able to contribute with yours. You can get organic socks for women in many designs.
In addition, organic socks for women are produced without the use of pesticides. This is beneficial to your foot climate, not least due to the targeted selection of the materials used. It also ensures that even sensitive skin gets its money's worth.
Good crop rotation when growing organic cotton for our organic socks, for example, ensures that the soil on which the wool is grown does not become depleted and that enough nutrients are retained. Because every plant needs its own nutrients, which in the long run can lead to the same nutrients being withdrawn. You can get your organic socks for women in many designs and colors. Soloist ensures that there is something right for you.
So you too can do your part and order organic socks for women with the GOTS seal.

Auf dem BIld siehst du Bio socken für Damen in bunten Farben. Du bekommst die biosocken je nach wahl in blau, schwarz oder grau. Das Gewebe wurde fein gestrickt.

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