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Why compression socks?

In this category you will find compression socks, which are also often called support stockings. They promote blood circulation by putting pressure on the veins. This prevents complications and you support the transport of blood to your heart with the compression stockings.

Many athletes use compression stockings and report that their legs feel significantly lighter during and after exercise. The socks are therefore the perfect companion in sports. You can use them in many different areas.

When should you wear compression socks?

  • If varicose veins have been detected
  • If you experience feelings of congestion during the day.
  • If you are involved in competitive sports, they prevent muscle soreness.
  • If you suffer from circulatory problems
  • If you want to lower blood pressure in the venous area
  • You should wear the socks if you have varicose veins, thrombosis, lymphedema and phlebitis

Compression socks are therefore not only used preventatively, but also support you during sporting activities.

Das Bild zeigt eine rote Kompressinssocke, die kniellang ist. Kompressionssocken finden bei Krampfadern oder aber einfach nur  im Sportbereich Ihre anwendung. Solltets du auf der Suche nach kompressinssocken seinschau dich gerne um.

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