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Why organic socks?

Organic products not only reflect the ravages of time, but also have some advantages in the form of socks. Organic cotton is obtained without the use of pesticides. For this reason, the cotton socks made from organic cotton are particularly skin-friendly.

When producing organic wool, careful crop rotation is taken into account. This ensures that the soil does not become depleted. This means that the soil on which the cotton is grown remains fertile. The organic socks knitted from this are therefore of high quality. Last but not least, this is good for your foot climate.

Where does organic cotton come from?

Cotton plants mature mainly in subtropical areas and the wool grows in capsules. These are broken after harvest and the bushes are removed.
These are then spun into a fine thread, which is used, for example, in the production of our organic socks.

Of course, in addition to organic cotton, there are also other materials used in the textile industry. Bamboo has been established here for several years.
The organic bamboo fibers are also a high-quality product that we are happy to recommend in relation to our organic socks.

There are many other materials that are ideal for socks production.

Bamboo socks are becoming increasingly popular here. Bamboo is a very sustainable natural product that is usually combined with viscose. In addition to the organic socks made of bamboo, you can also get other exciting and organic products from us. Starting with sheep's wool through to our popular alpaca socks. Alpaca socks have benefits that you might love. But more about that in the wool socks category.

You can currently get a small selection of organic socks for men from us. However, we strive to always keep our range up to date and expand. If you don't find what's right for you, check it out from time to time. There could be something for you soon.

The socks offered here have the GOTS seal. It ensures that your socks are made from at least 70% organic and sustainable products.
This is the only way you can experience the luxury of high-quality socks without worry.

With organic socks you not only support the environment, you also ensure that you get socks that ensure a pleasant foot climate.

You can also read an article below that explains how the material for your organic socks is produced.

Das Bild Zeigt Bio socken in verschiedenen Farben. Die Farben reichen von schwarz über jeans, grau, dunkelgrau bis marineblau. Deine biosocken wurden fein gewebt

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