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Are you looking for socks with wool for women?

Perfect! Our women's socks made of wool will delight you.

We offer wool socks for every occasion. To ensure that nothing is left to be desired, we have an impressive number of colors and sizes available for you. Starting from sheep's wool socks to the popular alpaca socks. No matter whether winter is showing its cold side or you just want to enjoy the splendor of the autumn leaves. Your feet should be well wrapped to make your experience a success. Because what's worse than cold feet?

The alpaca, which comes from North America, shows off the advantages of its wool!

We have socks made of alpaca wool ready for you. The alpaca wool has a number of advantages that make it particularly exciting for the textile industry. The fibers have cavities in which air is trapped. This means your feet are also packed in an air cushion that keeps heat and cold at bay. What can I say? Cold in summer and warm in winter. Your socks made of alpaca wool are antibacterial and also odor-absorbing. Isn't the jack-of-all-trades legend? Just a cool gimmick that you can take with you.

Virgin wool is the first shearing of the lambs

The wool from the first shearing of the almost adult lambs is considered to be particularly soft. So it's no wonder that lamb's wool is a popular product. There's nothing worse than warm and softly wrapped feet, don't you think? Unfortunately it is only the first shear that is so soft. The normal sheep's wool socks are also great. Nevertheless, Virgin wool socks remain a rare product. You can get them while stocks last.

Cotton socks are a timeless classic!

Everyone knows cotton and can be found in every wardrobe. It has dominated the market for many years and is in great demand because it is a natural product. The cotton matures in capsules that are broken after harvest. The tufts are spun into a fine grain and you get the basis for your socks. Depending on the type of knitting, it ranges from velvety soft to coarsely warming. What you like most is up to you. Just take a look and choose the right one.

Should they be wool socks for women made from sheep's wool?

If you're looking for socks with a difference, then sheep's wool socks might be for you. Do you know sheep's wool? The wool of the Merino sheep is something special. The Merino sheep have immigrated and they carry significantly more wool than domestic sheep. It differs only slightly in the structure of the fiber, but still remains something special that you don't always get. Depending on the knitting pattern and thickness, both types of wool are an excellent choice if you want to stay cozy and warm on long walks in the snow or a hike through the autumn leaves.

Here is an overview of our types of wool again

  • Merino wool from Merino sheep
  • Alpaca wool from the North American alpaca
  • Cotton is the timeless and popular classic among wool types
  • Virgin wool is the wool obtained from the first shearing of the lambs
  • Bamboo is the fast-growing all-rounder, sustainable and regulating
  • Cotton from certified cultivation without the use of flame retardants and pesticides
Auf dem Bild siehst du eine erdig bunte Ringelsocke aus Baumwolle für Damen.

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