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  • ABS socks with extremely stretchy mesh waistband
  • Optimum wearing comfort thanks to special knitting technology in the waistband
  • The ABS pressure reduces the risk of falling and slipping on smooth floors
  • With a high cotton content for a pleasant foot climate
  • with elastane for a wrinkle-free fit

Socks with ABS and extremely stretchy mesh waistband

These socks offer you the optimal combination of comfort and flexibility. The innovative mesh waistband was developed specifically for people with problem feet.

Thanks to the special knitting technology in the waistband, our socks adapt perfectly to any foot shape, without constriction or annoying slipping.

The ABS print on the sole provides additional grip and reduces the risk of slipping and falling.

The material mix of the socks ensures a pleasant foot climate while at the same time being durable.

With their attractive design and functional features, our ABS socks are the perfect choice for everyone who places the highest demands on comfort, safety and quality.

Experience a new level of comfort – order our foot-art ABS socks with an extremely stretchy mesh waistband.

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