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3 or 6 pairs of black socks made with 78% organic cotton and recycled PET bottles

3 or 6 pairs of black socks made with 78% organic cotton and recycled PET bottles

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    • classic black socks
    • the classic made from PET bottles, order organic socks online at foot-art
    • with a wide waistband and super soft toe seam - for optimal comfort
    • with elastane for a wrinkle-free fit
    • with 78% certified organic cotton
    • resource-saving because recycled material is reused
    • Material: 78% cotton 1 , 12% polyamide 2 , 2% elastane
      1 with cotton from controlled organic cultivation - GOTS certified
      2 Polyamide made from recycled fibers

      Socks made from recycled material and organic cotton

      The Global Organic Textile standard seal guarantees that you get socks made from sustainable and organic products. The textiles must consist of at least 70% organic products.

      Why organic socks?
      Pesticides are also sometimes used in the production of textiles.
      Organic socks meet a different requirement for the production and use of chemicals. Which is reflected in the quality of the socks.

      Socks made from organic wool are sustainably produced and more skin-friendly.
      If you have sensitive skin, you should try socks made from sustainable organic cotton.

      The fine knit pattern has the advantage of being soft on the skin. While the wide waistband is hardly noticeable and therefore ensures a comfortable fit.

      The material is stretchy and the organic socks can be easily slipped over the foot. So don't worry if it needs to be a little bigger!

      You get your organic socks in sizes 38/38, 39/42 and 43/46.
      If you still can't find what's right for you, please feel free to contact us. We are always trying to expand our range.

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