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    • 1 pair of chunky knit leg warmers
    • for women, girls and teenagers
    • Thick quality with a high wool content of alpaca and sheep wool
    • Fluffy and soft with a beautiful chunky knit pattern
    • Warm legs in autumn and winter
    • Material: 40% wool, 40% polyacrylic, 10% alpaca wool, 10% polyester
      or: 40% polyacrylic, 35% wool, 15% alpaca wool

      Chunky knit cuffs/leg warmers calf warmers

💥Protect your legs from the cold with these soft, chunky knit cuffs made from alpaca sheep wool! The calf warmers provide extra warmth and are a stylish accessory for any outfit. Treat yourself to this comfort and enjoy the winter to the fullest! ❄️

If you want to wear short black clothes even on cold days, the chunky knit cuffs are a great choice. They protect your legs from the cold and give your outfit that certain finishing touch. The leg warmers are often worn gathered. They reach just above your ankles and, in addition to the warming effect, give your outfit a finishing touch.

You too can order the stylish leg warmers and spice up your outfit.

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